Ear hustling is a slang term for eavesdropping – for listening in on business that isn’t yours. The Ear Hustler is an online literary magazine. When we write, we eavesdrop on people who aren’t there, and when we read, we eavesdrop on the imagination of another. The Ear Hustler is run by two people, Katherine Meehan and Graham Trail, and we do everything. We are not yet in it for the money.

We have published five issues so far, and issue number six should appear in April 2012.

We are proud to announce our first prize, The Golden Hustler, was awarded in our fifth issue. The winner recieved $100 and publication in our January issue. More details here. He plan on running another contest at the end of this year.

All questions, comments, solicitations and other mail should be directed to earhustlermag at gmail.com

We also have a twitter, a tumblr, and a facebook page.

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About Katherine

I’m an international bon vivant and gadabout currently working out of a secret lair in rural North Carolina.

When I am not tr0lling, I write fiction. Hobbies include getting big at the gym, petting animals, and thinking about you.

About Graham

I’m an office support worker and student living in Boston. Mattimeo (the third Redwall book by Brian Jacques) is the first real book I remember reading all by myself, when I was seven or eight. I read all the Redwall books. Mariel is my favorite. Please let me publish you.